About ZCC

Terms and Conditions

By completing the online registration, all cyclists are acknowledging that they have read and accepted the following:

a) Terms on the Zambezi Cycle Challenge indemnity form
b) Zambezi Cycle Challenge rules outlined below and
c) Payment terms and conditions


Minimum age requirement for any cyclist is 16 years of age and a maximum of 70 years of age, unless permission has been requested and granted by both a medical practitioner and the event organisers.
Safety approved riding helmets are compulsory (gloves are recommended).
Experienced cyclists wishing to “race” will start off first and will race in their own teams (minimum two cyclists)
Other less experienced cyclists may, on request, be allocated to a cycling group. The Race Organisers will attempt to make up groups of comparable cycling ability and these groups will be led by a Group Leader to ensure the safety of the riders to the best of their ability.
All cyclists must be in good health and of good fitness. Whilst cyclist in the groups may not be racing & do not have to be a super cyclist to enter, you do need to be fit & healthy with training & preparation to be able to enter.
Acceptance onto the Zambezi Cycle Challenge is subject to the cyclist completing and submitting the following a) cyclist online registration b) Acceptance of the indemnity form and c) adhering to payment terms.
The Event Organisers reserve the right to decline any registrations for any reason whatsoever at their sole discretion without having to give any explanations. In these cases full refunds will be given.
Should any cyclist behave in such a way that it negatively affects either the enjoyment or safety of themselves or other cyclists, that cyclist will be warned and if need be, evicted off the cycle tour without compensation. This includes any cyclists that arrive that are not medically fit enough to participate in an event of this nature.
Cyclists must have completed at least 1 mountain bike event in the past 9 months covering a min of 70km.

Cyclists may not deviate from the official route
The cycle tour may take you into close contact with wild animals. Neither the organisors , the sponsors, their employees, partners nor agents can be held responsible for any injury or incident on the tour.
The Cyclist/Support Leaders and official’s word is final! The safety precautions need to be taken seriously, and strictly adhered to. Anyone found in contravention of the officials or any safety regulations will be evicted from the tour without compensation.
Should you arrive on the tour without adequate preparation and are holding back your cycling group, your Cyclist/Support Leader will be fully entitled to prevent you from cycling and allocate you to a support vehicle.

The cycle tours take place in a malaria area; please consult your doctor regarding anti-malaria precautions.
Current tetanus vaccination is recommended.
Luggage and Bicycles
Space on the luggage vehicles is limited, thus luggage is restricted to one 20kg soft carry bag per cyclist.
Please ensure that your luggage and bicycles are clearly LABELLED.
We cannot be held liable for damage to your bike or luggage. Bikes will be loaded onto and off trucks for transport to/from the start of the tour.
Please ensure that your luggage and bicycles are adequately insured as the event organisers can not be held responsible for any damage or loss to personal belongings, luggage or bicycles.
Only mountain bikes in good working condition will be allowed to participate.
Please note that tubeless conversions are MANDATORY. If you arrive without a tubeless conversion, you will be asked to pay for a conversion on site (which will definitely cost you more).
Due to the area we travel through, sand is inevitable. We will do all possible to stay away from sand, but we suggest that cyclists prepare for sand and get wide tyres to ensure you are better equipped to deal with this.

The cycle tour will travel through National Parks. All cyclists must agree to respect the wildlife and environment through which we travel and to obey all National Park rules and regulations.
No littering. All food packaging must be kept on the cyclists until the next refreshment stop.
Please burn all toilet paper if you have to use the ‘bush toilets’.
Please assist us in ensuring that we leave the areas through which we travel in a pristine condition. This will ensure that we can continue to cycle through these wonderful wilderness areas.
Passport & Visas

The onus is on the cyclists and support staff to ensure that their passports and visas are valid for Zimbabwe (visas may obtained at port of entry) The organisers, the sponsors, their staff and their agents cannot be held liable for any visas etc not held by the cyclist, or the cost of visas.
Passport must have six blank pages & be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the cycle tour

It is a condition of the cycle tour, that it is the sole responsibility of each participant to ensure that they carry comprehensive medical aid or medical insurance cover. Cyclists will be charged directly by the relevant service providers for any emergency services they may require, so ensure that you are fully insured!

The Tour reserves the right without further notice to make use of any photograph or film taken on the tour without payment or permission. We guarantee that no photographs of a compromising nature will be used.

The payment of the registration fee or any other partial payment for this cycle tour constitutes consent by all cyclists covered by that payment to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained on the following Zambezi Cycle Challenge documents:
a) Indemnity Form b) Cycle tour rules and c) Payment terms and conditions.
The terms under which you agree to participate in this cycle tour, cannot be changed or amended except in writing and signed by the Overall Logistics Manager.

Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2020 – SAVE THE DATE!

Dates have been set for next year’s Zambezi Cycle Challenge: *** 10th – 12th of July 2020 *** held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe! Get it in your diaries and start planning!

We cannot wait to see you next year! 👍SHARE THIS POST 👍 with Mountain Bike enthusiasts and tell all your buddies, about “The “must-do, bucket list” mountain bike event of Africa!”
Cycle along the Zambezi River, ride along the edge of the Batoka Gorge, through the National Park, with amazing views and magnificent wildlife while helping raise funds for Wildlife Conservation in the region!
Read more about the event on our website: http://zambezicyclechallenge.com/

Cancellation of Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2019

Dear all,
After much consideration and with regret, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the 2019 Zambezi Cycle Challenge.
The current economic situation has led to many complications and hurdles for the organisation of this event, and we have reached the decision that in the interest of maintaining its good name, it will be best to skip this year.
We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused by this decision and hope to see you all in 2020.

Kind regards
Zambezi Cycle Challenge Organisers

Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2018 – A Few Final Words…

Dear Zambezi Cycle Challenge riders of 2018,
I trust that you all got home safely and will be thinking that exactly a week ago we were having a drink on the banks of the Zambezi and about to start our three day ride around Victoria Falls.

Once again, on behalf of all the organisers, I wish to thank you for entering and supporting our efforts. This year’s group of riders made it the most successful edition of the event to date on both the fund raising side and the entertaining/fun aspect.

We do have a few lost property items left over so if you are still missing anything, please get in touch with me and we will try and get these back to you.


The photos can be accessed via Dropbox through the below link (anyone with the link can download) and again I wish to thank Melissa Wynn for these fantastic shots!

PHOTOS:>>>https://www.dropbox.com/sh/krb38izz4dudoib/AADSkLAvZHLsrnuT_LDBSujFa?dl=0 <<<

(Total size: 745 mB, 525 photos)

Melissa will also be putting together a video of the event, from the GoPro footage she took, and it will be uploaded to Youtube and facebook soon – we will send out a mailchimp with a link when the video is available!

Lastly, the dates for next years’ event have been set and the 2019 Zambezi Cycle Challenge dates are 12-14th July.

Please diarise these dates, and this year’s field will get a few days head start on registration!
Don’t forget to also Follow ZCC on Facebook to get all the updates for next year’s event!

Keep pedaling and we look forward to seeing you all again next year if not sooner!

Best regards

Bruno De Leo
& Zambezi Cycle Challenge Committee 2018

Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2018 Routes

Dear 2018 Zambezi Cycle Challenge riders,

Below is a LINK to the final routes for this years’ ride. The link will download a compressed ZIP folder containing all files.
>>> https://gallery.mailchimp.com/81d91849b7b8ae22d18bf6f93/files/f952e602-de93-455e-b1cd-2adeab5c2811/ZCC2018_Routes.zip <<<

Includes accurate Track Routes for:
Day 1: Matetsi River to Victoria Falls (~ 83km)
Day 2: Zambezi National Park, Zambezi River (~67km)
Day 3: Batoka Gorge, Riding on the Edge (~52km)

I have uploaded them in three formats that cover the most popular GPS devices: GPX, KML and TCX. Should you require them in any other format, I would suggest you use the GPSIES converter – search for the GPSIES website and it is very straight forward.
These tracks supersede all other previous routes for prior years or routes that have been on our website as route estimates.

We will have someone to assist at registration if you have problems loading the routes, but please try by all means to have these loaded by the time you arrive.
See you all on Thursday for the welcome sun downer followed by a detailed briefing and dinner. Please refer to the ZCC 2018 Program we emailed last week, for further details.
– Zambezi Cycle Challenge Organising Committee

Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2018 News Letter 2

The preparations of the tracks for this year have commenced and for those that have attended in prior years, you will find some pleasant additions and improvements to the 3rd day in particular.
As you will have seen from the program on the website, the cycle village this year will be based at The Kingdom Hotel. This is a central location and a very friendly venue for a vibrant finish around the main swimming pool.
Please note that we will do one main race briefing on the evening of the 12th July at the Riverside Venue. It is essential that you all attend  as the briefing will cover safety features as well as other important rider information for the whole event.  As we will not have daily briefings on the next day’s ride, we will form a Whatsapp Broadcast group. So if you have a different what’s app number to the contact details on your registration, you need to send this number to either Karen at karen@vicfallsoccasions.com . Reminders and any other announcements will be made through this broadcast group. The organising team will also be around most of the time to help with information and anything else.
We will circulate the programme separately for your info and ask that you all go through it carefully. You will also be given a program at registration on your arrival.

A couple of reminders:

  • Each day, your bikes will be transported to the start which will be out of town, and we will ride back into Vic Falls. We will be loading the bikes onto trucks and they will be packed carefully and each bike will be wrapped in a blanket. The bikes need to be on the bike racks for loading by 16h00 each afternoon for loading.
  • We will take the utmost care with your bikes and have never had any damage in any of the past 4 years that we have hosted the ride, but I do need to mention, that you will be signing to indemnify the organisers should there be any damage in transit, and therefore it is up to you if you wish to insure your bike.
  • Each team needs to have at least 1 GPS (preferable each rider should have one), and that is well mounted in a visible position on your handle bars. There are no markings other than the track you will have pre loaded on your GPS.
  • As we are still finalising aspects of the course, I expect that the final GPS tracks will be circulated about a week before the ride.
  • We will not allow any riders riding alone! Any single riders that are isolated for any reason need to join up with another team. We will be riding through areas with wildlife all around and the safety marshals are instructed to stop and pick up any rider not in a group. This is for your own safety.
  • It is very strongly recommended that you have tubeless tyres fitted. Long sections of our tracks are in a very natural state and largely un-manicured.
  • Helmets are compulsory – no helmet, no ride!
  • There will be at least 2 water points on each days ride and you can expect to find water, coke, potatoes, muffins, bananas and various other energy foods.

The following categories will be used:

  1. Racing Snakes Men
  2. Racing Snakes Women
  3. Silver Foxes (all team members must be over 45 years of age)
  4. Silver Vixens ( all team members must be over 45 years of age)
  5. Mixed teams

Important Notes on Day 2 Ride along the Zambezi River
The Day 2 Ride is not timed and is all about riding through the Zambezi National Park and enjoying the Zambezi River back to Victoria Falls.
As you will be riding through a National park with lots of wildlife including a healthy concentration of 4 of the Big 5, it is important to follow the safety precautions we have laid out for you.
Riders will be sent off in seeded Groups of 20 -25 riders at intervals of no more than 5 minutes between each group and will be led by either a professional guide or a rider with good experience with wildlife.
The times from Day 1 ride will be used to seed the groups  for Day 2.
There will be two compulsory 10 – 15 minute stops at pre designated water points at scenic locations on the banks of the Zambezi.
You will love this day if you just slow down and appreciate the natural beauty around you and the company of the other riders in your group.

Three weeks to go!!
Keep pedalling and see you soon!

Zambezi Cycle Challenge Organising Committee

Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2018 News Letter 1

Registration is now closed and we have a full field for this years’ 2018 Zambezi Cycle Challenge.
This year, we have increased the field size, and have been able to register a broader representation of mountain bikers from pretty much all over the world. We look forward to hosting you all in Vic Falls and treating you to our famous Zimbabwean hospitality as well as a great ride!
With just below 2 months to go we trust that your preparations are going well and that if you are not going for a podium finish, that you are at least fit enough to enjoy the event.
I need to ask you all to ensure that you have received confirmation from our Registration Team that all payments for your entries, as well as any accommodation you may have booked are fully paid up by the end of this month as we have to prepay the hotels and various suppliers.
Anyone that requires transfers from the airport for themselves or bikes, need to advise Karen on karen@vicfallsoccasions.com as these have to be pre booked.
Our Mechanical team will consist of Graham and Albert from Revelo Bikes in Harare this year. They will be there to repair any mechanicals that you may have and not to service bikes. They obviously will not be able to carry all the spares for every model of bike in the event, so I would suggest that you carry some of the critical parts like hangars for your bike.
Lastly I wish to remind you all that the proceeds from this event are all going to wildlife charities that operate in and around Victoria Falls. These non – profit organisations are: The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, Children in the Wilderness Foundation and Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit.
I urge you look at what these charities do through their websites and if you wish to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be in touch again soon with more info and reminders. I leave you with an image of the Victoria Falls spray taken at sunrise this morning for you to look forward to.

Zambezi Cycle Challenge Organising Committee

ZCC 2018 – Registration

Good Day to all of you and it is hard to believe that we are already about to open registration for the Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2018.

Reminder of the dates for this year’s event -13th to 15th July.

Apologies for the delay with opening registration 1st Feb as promised, but we have had a few hiccups finalising packages and a few changes with our registration Team.
The Zambezi Cycle Challenge will be based at The Kingdom Hotel this year and the accommodation packages will also be for the Kingdom Hotel.
We would also like to welcome Louise Nielsen and Karen Dewhurst who will assist with registration and the accommodation arrangements for the event.
Registration as of Monday 12th Feb for last year’s participants and on the 15th Feb for new interested riders. Registration online here.

Contact details:
For Registration and accommodation:
Karen Dewhurst: karen@vicfallsoccasions.com  tel: +263 (0) 783106561
Louise Nielsen: louise@vicfallsoccasions.com tel: +263 (0) 772415589

For any other queries:
Bruno De Leo: bruno@deleo.co.zw tel: +263 (0) 772144778