Entrance and Packages

Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2020 Accommodation Packages

At the present time, we are limited in the number of riders we can take due to current requirements with COVID-19.  If you have previously registered and would like to ride we kindly ask you to re-register as this time as the event has significantly changed.  We recognize that due to world events it is unlikely that our international and regional riders will be able to join us this year, and will mostly be attended by local riders.  We hope to be able to hold a full event in 2021. 

Accommodation & Packages (All payments in US$ cash or to Nostro account)

Cycle Village – ILALA LODGE

 This is where the hub of the event will be


·         $330 per person includes 4 night accommodation, Bed and Breakfast, 2 Dinners


·         Event Registration not included


Registration Package - $250

Package Includes

·         Event entry

·         Donation to Wildlife Charities

·         Welcome Dinner and Event Briefing (Drinks not included)

·         Transport from Cycle Village to start daily

·         Medical Support on Site

·         Sundowner Cruise and Gala Dinner

·         Park fees